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  • Bernard’s Farm – What makes an animal a pet and what makes it livestock?
    A sad day A very sad day at Bernard’s Farm this week. We have had to bury Bernard’s beloved tortoise.   Never a young boy cared for a tortoise like Bernard cared for his tortoise. He did everything for them independently, he’d bath them weekly, more in the summer, feed them, […]
  • Bernard’s Farm – 12 Months free – Hen parties and more a year after rescue
    A home for hens This time last year we rehomed over 80 ex-battery hens on their way to slaughter after being considered “no longer commercially viable” by intensive egg laying units. Hens continue to be kept in cages, on colony farms where they live in cramped conditions and are deemed […]
  • Bernard’s Farm – Back to Basics for World Mental Health Day
    Mental health and me I’m not ashamed to say I’ve done battle with mental health.  But basically, anxiety & OCD are my demons. And I’m not talking cleaning door handles & alphabetical CD organisation when I say OCD. I mean the debilitating, frustratingly physically painful & life-controlling OCD.Medication & CBT […]
  • Bernard’s Farm – Bernard’s Sheep
    Our Sheep We run a pedigree, registered flock of rare breed Coloured Ryeland & Ryeland sheep on our rented land, ‘Bernards Farm Coloured Ryelands’ & ‘Barbaras Farm Ryelands’. Coloured Ryeland (brown) and Ryeland (white) are one of England’s oldest sheep breeds, going back seven centuries when they were used by […]
  • Bernard’s Farm – Bernard’s Pigs
    Our Pigs Our pigs are Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs, a breed listed as rare and endangered by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. They are one of the oldest, traditional English breed of pig, originating in Oxfordshire, having been around for 300 years. However, no longer considered commercially viable and […]
  • Bernard’s Farm – Bernard’s Cattle
    Our Cattle Ma and the children are very passionate about their calves. If she lets you bottle feed them, you are honoured!  Our cows are all dairy-bred bull calves. They have come from local dairy farms. Bull calves are often considered the ‘surplus by-product’ of the dairy industry because a […]
  • Bernard’s Farm – Bernard’s Poultry
    Our Hens We have a flock of over 100 rehomed ex-battery hens, all from the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) and they are our beloved pets. The children love the hens, especially 3-year-old Bertie who carries his “mate” around under his arm. we like to think its a mutual thing. […]
  • Bernard’s Farm – Welcome from us all
    The Bernardsons  We are the Bernardson Family, from North Staffordshire, and trying to leave convention behind to chase a dream of becoming first-generation farmers. Ma, Pa, Bernard, Barbara, Beryl, Bertie & Betsy. No one in our family is from a farming background, however, the stress and demands of raising a […]

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