In a climate where we are encouraged to consider our meat and dairy consumption, here at Bernard’s Farm we provide the option to replace low welfare standard fast food, intensively produced meat with local, sustainably farmed meat from animals cared for to high welfare standards. We encourage you to really know where your food has come from, in order to make choices that empower higher standards for the animals, the land and the environment around us.

We aim to serve our local community with high quality farm produce that is affordable and health promoting, enabling you to provide your family with a nutritionally complete, balanced diet.

Our goal is a simple one; to achieve organic certification and to manage the land as a family-run farm, producing local, sustainably produced meat from animals that are reared to high standards of animal welfare, slower grown, and where healthy soils are full of natural nutrient matter – and not artificial fertilisers. Our animals are kept predominantly outside, with the freedom to express natural behaviours, and are handled with low stress and care, from the very beginning to the very end.