Our produce all has a story, we’re working hard to make nutrient-dense produce ethically and to farm in harmony with nature.



Super fresh eggs from our woodland roaming, rehomed ex-battery hens. Our flock of over 100 hens are our beloved pets and are guaranteed a home on the farm for life.
We deliver eggs locally, often on foot, to our egg club customers. They’re also available to buy from the farm gate.

With our eggs we also make and sell fresh lemon curd to order.


Vegetables grown with love and free from soil damaging heavy machinery or pesticides are sold seasonally at the farm gate.


Meat that is slow grown, pasture fed from our rare breed sheep and rare breed pigs is for sale 3-4 times per year. We prioritise high animal welfare and low-stress handling.
Our Pigs are woodland roaming, free from mutilations and preventative antibiotics.
We’re starting to rear dairy-bred bull calves for beef, we believe this is the most sustainable form of beef production with dairy cows producing both young stock & milk.


We use the fleeces of our rare breed flock of coloured Ryeland sheep to produce homemade children’s knitwear and blankets. Our Ryelands are dual-purpose animals with exquisite wool.





Natural, hand poured soap made using essential oils is avaliable to buy in various scents.