We’re first-generation farmers leaving behind convention in order to secure a new life working with the land to produce sustainable, ethical food. We want to know where our food comes from.

We keep rare breed sheep, rare breed pigs, dairy bred calves and have a flock of over 100 ex-battery hens that provide eggs for our Egg Club customers locally. We believe that we should only take what we require from the land around us, and that our livestock should have a full life where they can mature slowly, and live outside in order to express their natural behaviours and to naturally fertilise the soils.

We sell seasonal meat boxes (lamb/pork), damson jam and damson gin, and expect to be able to sell seasonal veg soon.

We also sell handmade children’s crochet blankets, baby bundles and knitwear. Watch this space for produce as and when it’s available.

Many thanks for your support.